Things that i picked up alongside my journey

  • GIT — graph

    GIT — graph

    Going graphical with GIT with no GUI tools using –graph command.

  • Budgetary tool

    Budgetary tool

    Interestingly enough, not all projects always have to be about developing app from scratch. Here’s is an example of quotation utility that has been used in managing countless small to medium projects. We are talking cumulative sum of hundreds of thousand of USD in projects value. It’s nothing elaborate just plane old MS Excel with […]

  • Free Ads with TAPPX

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Ads with TAPPX Advantages Disadvantages Comparison Table: TAPPX Free Ads Advantages Disadvantages Cost-effective Increased revenue potential Flexibility in ad formats Community-driven approach Lower revenue potential Limited control over ads Dependency on the community Limited customer support In conclusion, TAPPX’s free ad exchange platform can be a viable option for app […]