Rubrika: project

  • Budgetary tool

    Budgetary tool

    Interestingly enough, not all projects always have to be about developing app from scratch. Here’s is an example of quotation utility that has been used in managing countless small to medium projects. We are talking cumulative sum of hundreds of thousand of USD in projects value. It’s nothing elaborate just plane old MS Excel with […]

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  • BMS monitoring

    BMS monitoring

    There goes app that meant for basic control and monitoring of values from battery management systems. Client at first only wanted to design UI and stated his programmer will do the rest. Which I delivered to the clients satisfaction.Project grew into full app anyway. App incorporates client’s basic logic written in C++ into it’s own […]

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  • GFM


    Utility app called for combining multiple of Gmail filter into single single entry if they have same filtering rules and gets rids of duplicates in proces. Load file – loads XML file with filter exported from Gmail. Process file – does the work Export – saves new XML file with merged filters ready to be […]

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  • MatchMatch


    Memory game – match pairs with numbers, math and logic. Game will exercise your memory, simple math skills and concentration. It combines pair matching with simple math. Music has been specifically picked to relax your mind, build your concentration and enjoy the process.  Game features auto-saving – every time you come back it will load […]

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  • Sliding tiles

    Sliding tiles

    This is small app I made for fun. It’s a puzzle game inspired by Loyd’s 15.tiles. Custom difficulty let’s you set size of grid and level of shuffling of pieces and thus can satisfy both casual and more experienced puzzle solvers.

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  • Fifteen Puzzle

    Fifteen Puzzle

    Minimalist puzzle game that strives to be authentic version of famous fifteen sliding puzzle. Fifteen sliding puzzle consist of 15 sliding pieces placed on 4×4 grid. That way always one free place is left to move pieces around. Goal is to sort pieces into numerical order starting from top left corner and sorting each of […]

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  • SplashFish


     Simple causal lighthearted game for pastime. Swim your way troughs coral reefs underneath seas and oceans.Game increases speed and thus is naturally more challenging for everyone. SplashFish

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